PGT worldwide experience includes hundreds of thousands PGT cycles performed by more than 100 centers around the world. The majority of PGT (more than three thirds of cycles) were for aneuploidy, the remaining one third for Mendelian disorders and translocations. An increasing number of cases (over 2,000) is being performed for preimplantation HLA typing.

PGT impact on assisted reproduction and genetic practices:

  • allows at risk couples to avoid birth of child with Mendelian disease without facing risk of pregnancy termination in routine prenatal diagnosis

  • improves implantation and take home baby rates in poor prognosis IVF patients, particularly in the advanced reproductive age couples

  • reduces five-fold spontaneous abortions in carriers of chromosomal translocations

  • allows forgoing pregnancy for couples at risk for producing offspring with late-onset disorders with genetic predisposition

  • allows producing an HLA matched offspring for treatment of siblings requiring HLA matched stem cells transplantation

  • improves standards of assisted reproduction and genetic practices

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