Don Leigh
don leigh
Don Leigh

Don Leigh has a PhD from University of NSW, Sydney Australia (1986) Currently tasked with establishing a centre for Precision Medicine to supply services for the hospital and surrounding areas, Calette Hospital, Yunnan, China

Key Publications

1. KA de Boer, JW Catt, RPS Jansen, D Leigh S McArthur (2004) Moving to Blastocyst biopsy for preimplantation genetic diagnosis and single embryo transfer at Sydney IVF Fertil Steril 2004 Aug;82(2):295-8

2. Traversa MV, Carey L, Leigh D (2010) A molecular strategy for routine preimplantation genetic diagnosis in both reciprocal and Robertsonian translocation carriers Mol Hum Reprod May 16(5) 329-37

3. Cram DS, Leigh D Handyside A, Rechitsky L Xu K et al (2019) PGDIS Position Statement on the Transfer of Mosaic Embryos Reproductive Biomedicine online 39 Suppl 1e1-e4

4. Rechitsky S, Kuliev A, Leigh D et al, Single molecule sequencing: a new approach for preimplantation testing and noninvasive prenatal diagnosis confirmation of fetal genotype. The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, 2020; 22:220-227

Been part of the PGDIS program for teaching biopsy principles since 2008. During this time over 200 participants from 32 different countries have learned the practice of biopsy and applications in PGT. Led workshops on PGT and biopsy in Ador (India) , Singapore and Guilin (China)

SENIOR HOSPITAL SCIENTIST • PRINCE OF WALES HOSPITAL • JAN ’90-AUG 98 As senior scientist in the Molecular Genetics Unit helped establish new diagnostic approaches for carrier and hereditary gene testing in key diseases

PRINCIPAL RESEARCH SCIENTIST • SYDNEY IVF/GENEA • AUG ‘98- JUNE 2016 Established the PGD services for inhouse embryo testing. Introduced new approaches for PGT-A and PGT-M